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Practice Tips For Parents (+ Downloadable Practice Sheet)

While children bring joy to all of our lives, they also can sometimes make practice time a bit of a struggle! That's why I've compiled by best tips for you to help encourage good practice habits for your little one, so you can both be happy when it comes time for them to pick up their instrument.

  1. Practice with your child. It can be difficult for children to self-motivate, so if you are able to be there with your child once in awhile when he/she is practicing, this will undoubtedly help their growth. You can help to keep them on task by gently reminding them of what they should be practicing for their lessons. In addition to this, your presence alone can help to play a positive, supportive role in their learning.

  2. Make practice time fun. Come up with creative and fun ways to encourage your child to practice. Whether it's making scales into a game by having them role a dice to pick which one to play, or gathering together their favorite stuffed toys as an audience - you know your child, so pick something that you know will inspire and motivate them to do their very best.

  3. Create a routine. Many of us perform best when we have a routine to stick to, and kids are no exception! Creating a routine by establishing consistent daily practice time is a great way to help them develop in their music education. Additionally, breaking up their practice time by setting aside a few minutes here and there throughout the day for them to practice, rather than for an extended period of time all at once, can be a great way for them to stay focused. If they have a set time or times each day that they are to practice, they know that those fifteen minutes before bedtime, for example, are for their practice time, and they will be less likely to put up a fight if they have the expectation set.

  4. Encourage them to listen. Have your child regularly listen to recordings of the pieces they are working on. This will help give them a goal of what to work toward if they know what their piece should ultimately sound like, and they will progress much faster through their repertoire - guaranteed!

There you have it! I hope you can begin implementing these tips with your child, and soon see the positive results you've been hoping for. Check out my downloadable practice sheet below, which you can print and help them to fill in. I'd advise keeping a binder for their practice sheets and music - this is a great way to help them keep track of what they practiced and when, not only so they can be prepared for their lessons, but so they can look back and be proud of what they have accomplished!

Download PDF • 72KB

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