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My Story

Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Lauren Abels embarked on her melodic journey at the tender age of six, eager to learn what the violin had to offer. A desire to further her studies brought her to the illustrious Nashville, TN in 2013, where her musical odyssey reached new heights.


Her passion blossomed into a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Violin Performance from Belmont University in 2017, where she found guidance under the tutelage of remarkable mentors, including the distinguished Juilliard graduate and protege of Dorothy Delay, Elisabeth Small, as well as the Grammy Award-winning luminary Tammy Rogers-King of The SteelDrivers.

Although rooted in the classical realm, Lauren's musical spirit knows no boundaries. Her virtuosity effortlessly transcends genres; from the soulful depths of Blues to the rebellious pulses of Punk, and from the rhythmic world of Jazz to the electric energy of Rock. Her bow dances across strings in a way that defies categorization, breathing life into Bluegrass, Folk, World Music, Pop, and more.

Lauren's sonic journey has graced the hallowed grounds of Nashville's Music Row, where she continues to lend her artistry to recording sessions within the prestigious halls of Ocean Way, Columbia Studios, and Parlor Studio. The stage, too, is no stranger to her presence. From the historic echelons of Exit/In to the resonating echoes of 3rd & Lindsley, and from the famed corridors of City Winery to the intimate embrace of The Bluebird Cafe, she enhances the artists she accompanies with her mesmerizing melodies.


In 2017, Lauren Abels birthed The Tune Project—a digital haven that democratizes the access to violin and fiddle mastery, extending its embrace to aspiring musicians across the globe.


This visionary initiative unlocks the treasure trove of musical knowledge, making it attainable to all who seek to grasp the strings of artistry.

Ways to support The Tune Project

Join me on Patreon to support the art of violin and be part of a musical adventure that strikes a chord with the soul.


Let's make melodies together!

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