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Wagon Wheel, Solo 1

In my latest video tutorial, I demonstrate how to play the first fiddle solo from Wagon Wheel. This song is played in the key of A Major (3 sharps), and in an easy 4/4 time.

I've shared FiddleHed's arrangement of the first solo from Wagon Wheel, and you can find it below! You'll notice there are many eighth notes, which, as I mention in the video, we play in a swung style (long-short-long-short).

We're also working with lots of eighth-note triplets, which are a personal favorite! I would recommend playing this slurred, for ease at faster tempos.

Another thing worth noting is toward the end of this break, where we venture into the lower register of the fiddle. If this is something that's newer to you, I would recommend simply playing an A major scale to get your fingers warmed up to this finger pattern, and especially practice that third finger stretch to our low C#.

I hope you have fun learning this one!!

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