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Pizzicato WITH the Bow

Know pizzicato but are stumped about how to maintain a bowhold while performing it? The violin is the queen (or king) of multi-tasking instruments, and in my latest tutorial, I demonstrate yet another layer to add to the multi-tasking pie - bow pizzicato.

Holding the bow while playing pizzicato with the right hand is actually much easier than it may seem. What's the secret, you may ask? The index finger! As long as you have the ability to point your index finger (as shown in the video thumbnail) while maintaining a proper bowhold, you've got this technique down pat.

In this video, I share not one, but TWO ways to play right hand pizzicato while holding the bow. Because everybody loves options. So go forth and pizz away! After watching this video and a bit of practice, you will surely be a bow-holding, right hand pizz'ing master. Good luck!

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