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3 Tags You NEED To Know As A Fiddle Player (Free Printable!)

Do you ever get stuck not knowing how to end a fiddle tune? Or, perhaps you are just looking for a snappy way to wrap everything up. Well today, I am showing you three tags that I believe every fiddle player should know! I use these tags all of the time in my own fiddle playing, and I hope they will be useful to you as well.

These tags are written in A major, but can be easily transposed to just about any key. They are also featured in order of difficulty, so take into account your own skill level and what is most practical for you. Don't forget to download my handy, printable page at the end of this post, so you have all of these tags in one place for easy reference!

1. "Shave and a Haircut - Two Bits"

This first tag is a classic! The first time I was introduced to it was when I learned the tune "Cripple Creek" as a child, and it hasn't failed me since. You can't go wrong with this one!

2. "Orange Blossom Special"

This tag is a bit more complex than the first one, featuring a "Georgia Shuffle" slur pattern, as well as double stops at the end. This tag is commonly used to end the famous bluegrass tune "Orange Blossom Special", but fits nicely with other tunes as well!

3. "Orange Blossom Special - Variation"

This tag is a variation on the previous one, and my personal favorite of the three. You'll notice it starts off the same way, but ends with a bit of a minor twist. This is the most complex tag of the three, featuring slurs, bow lifts, a triplet, and double stops. If you can get it right, though - boy, is it effective!

And there you have it! Now you have THREE tags you can use to end the tunes you play on a regular basis. Check out the video below to hear these tags played on the fiddle. I hope you have fun with these, and don't forget to download the sheet featuring all of these tags below!

Fiddle Tags
Download PDF • 24KB

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