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Music of the World

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

World music is one of my lesser-known loves when it comes to fiddle playing. Music is a universal language, yes, but within that language are many, many dialects. I find the correlation between culture and music endlessly fascinating, and that is why ethnomusicology is one of my passions. Isn't it beautiful how we can connect with other human beings we share the planet with through song? I definitely think so. When I was in Edinburgh last summer, I found myself in pubs, jamming with the locals to traditional Scottish tunes, their "language", so to speak. I was in love. I have also had the pleasure of connecting with French-Canadian musicians, purely based on the happenstance that I knew ONE Quebecois tune at the time and was able to share in that commonality. What a wonderful world, indeed!

In this video, I share three of my favorite SWEDISH tunes. I hope you enjoy!

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