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The Tune Project is a place where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can come together to learn and enjoy the fiddle. Whether you just started or have been playing for awhile now, whatever your story - I hope you will stick around and learn more.

I am passionate about keeping traditional folk melodies with their rich history alive by introducing them to new generations in the same way they were passed down by our ancestors - by ear! I believe that music is not meant to be a solitary activity. Like many other customs and traditions of cultures around the world, music brings people together. It unites, it strengthens, it heals.

My approach to teaching includes combining my background in the Suzuki method with that of my professional training and performance experience in Music City, USA. During my years of performing professionally in both the classical and commercial industries, I have seen firsthand the value of being able to learn by ear, and I want to share that with you. I bring my experience as a performer to my teaching, and show my students how to collaborate with others. I believe that how you say something is just as important as what you say, so I also emphasize the importance of efficient practice and solid technique.


So, it is my hope that you will leave here feeling inspired, encouraged, motivated, and ready to conquer any fears you may have about pursuing the fiddle. It is an instrument that has a story to tell, and you have the ability to give it a voice. 


- Lauren Abels, Founder of The Tune Project

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