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Sheet Music Library
A How-To Guide

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “add to cart”, then “view cart” when prompted to do so. This will take you to your checkout page.
Step 1.png
STEP 3: Choose your preferred method of payment to complete secure checkout, or click product image for more information.
Step 2.png
Step 3.png
STEP 4: Once you’ve completed payment, check your email for confirmation, and open the PDF attachment (save this document - you will need it to access the sheet music library).
Step 4.png
STEP 5: Click the link on the document. A new window will open in your web browser that will lead you to a password protected page. Copy and paste your personalized password from the document into the box, then click “Go”.
Step 5.png
STEP 6: Once you’ve entered the sheet music library, browse beginner and intermediate tunes organized alphabetically. Simply click the underlined title of the tune you want to download, and it will automatically open in a new window.
Step 6 (1).png
STEP 7: Download and/or print straight from your device, and start learning! 
Step 7.png
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