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 Sheet Music Library
Frequently Asked Questions

I just paid for access to the library. Now what?

Once you’ve completed payment, you will receive a confirmation email from The Tune Project with a PDF attachment. Simply open the PDF document, and follow the instructions for access to the library. 


I can play the video tutorials but am not seeing the sheet music. How do I access the printable files?

Once in the sheet music library, simply click the underlined title of the tune you are looking for, and the downloadable sheet music file will automatically open on your device.


I was not able to copy or save my password, and do not know if the one sent will work every time I want access. What do you advise?

Save the PDF document found in your confirmation email after purchase. You may copy/paste and reuse your personalized password as many times as you would like to access the digital library, so be sure to hang onto it!


I’m not seeing the tune I am looking for. How do I find it?

If you’ve checked both the “beginner” and “intermediate” pages of the sheet music library and are still not seeing the tune you would like, you can submit a tune request at the bottom of the “intermediate” page. The Tune Project’s sheet music library is also regularly updated with new tunes, so be sure to check back for any updates!


Why are there various arrangements of tunes?

The tunes you see are from my personal sheet music library, and hand-picked just for you! Each tune arrangement featured in the library matches its accompanying video tutorial, so you are able to easily learn your favorite tunes using both the video and sheet music.


Do I have to be a member of The Tune Project’s website to have access to the library?

Yes, you must either sign in to your existing member account, or sign up if you are a first time visitor of The Tune Project in order to complete checkout. This allows The Tune Project to automatically send you your sheet music library access instructions after purchase. This step also makes it possible for you to track your order, as well as access the sheet music library without re-entering your information each time. 

Why can't I find the sheet music library when I go to your website?

The sheet music library is a private page, available only to those who have purchased access. This is why you will not see it publicly available from "". It is important that you follow the exact link and instructions on the PDF document sent to the e-mail address you provided when you purchased access, as this is the only way to enter the private library. 

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